It's called "successful image marketing" :)

But yes, if and when I buy a laptop it will probably be a Powerbook, for a variety of reasons.

--Orava, 04-Mar-2004

Turning computers into lifestyle choices -- as opposed to useful tools -- isn't terribly appealing to me. Frankly, buying an expensive computer for reasons of blatant self-deluded elitism is just dumb, not to mention fucking annoying. I hate it when operating systems turn into religions -- it stinks of lacking sense of proportion and good old-fashioned lives. In a bad way.

There's an important difference between being enthusiastic about something and adopting a tribal mentality, and all too often that line is being crossed voluntarily and with enough fervor to turn the nicest guy into the social equivalent of a jarful of smashed assholes.

That said, if I had the money, I'd certainly buy an iBook, because they're pretty damn cool machines. But if and when I do that, I hope that should I find myself starting to think of other Mac users as my brethren, I will have the good sense to slit my veins open with a rusty sardine can.

--Mikki, 04-Mar-2004

Ya, I was actually going on a longish rant about the differences and similarities between the rabid fanatic hordes of Amiga users, and the snotty, upper-class twat arrogance of the Mac users, but decided that I can probably spare my wrath on something more productive.

And common experiences (such as getting the lip in every turn: "No, we don't support Macs") tend to have a "brethrenizing" effect. Some are more resistant than others, though.

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Mar-2004

Well, in defense of the PCs out there, i've posted my blogging space too. Dammit, if not better looking, then atleast its more personal... its still a tin can tho.

--Jukka_a.k.a._Shrike, 04-Mar-2004

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