Well, I bought a cd (Kosmikud - Pulmad ja Mattused) from this store:


A few weeks ago. Reasonable price, paid via paypal, cd arrived in about five or six days. They seem to carry Mari-Leen's cd as well, and at _very_ reasonable price.

As for Estonian pop/rock, gotta admit, I like it a lot. This one sounded good enough, even if my tastes lean more on the side rock like Kosmikud. And hey, they covered Röyhkä.

--Merten, 04-May-2007

Thanks heaps; put in an order right away :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 06-May-2007

I'm sorry, but you're just wrong. Wrong, I tell you.

While Mari-Leen is not bad, she's pretty soulless and has very little emotion in her voice - I mean, she doesn't even come close to Nipa.

--kolibri, 07-May-2007

Bah. This ain't soul, this is pop. By definition it's soulless.

--JanneJalkanen, 07-May-2007

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