Travian is certainly interesting. The farming issue got to me - in a way few games have managed to - and got me thinking about wrong and right. That's an achievement. Eventually, it all got too much for the limited time I had - once you get in the alliances and all, the game becomes very engaging. But I found it nice, in the end, that I felt bad and couldn't just take what's mine just because I was stronger than the other players around me. I felt bad enough so I couldn't just consider them as resources to exploit. Great game, indeed.

--Mikko Saari, 04-Dec-2006

Yes, once you start get pleading messages from people you farm it really gets to you. Not so much if you get abusive messages...

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Dec-2006

Been playing in server 7 for some time now and still can't get past the Utopia & Ambar deja-vu of late 90's. The graphical interface is new, but not much else. I still got a few good friends I keep in contact with from that time - one belgian and a finn, who just moved to Isreal after a boy she met via Dark Age of Camelot. Online gamers...

--Suviko, 06-Dec-2006

I also play Travian and I like it a lot. I agree with the fact that we can easily become the big bad wolf as soon as we amass some more armies, even if we were some nice peaceful players in the beginning. Travian helped me find more about myself and others and I also made some nice frieds. It can get quite addictive, that's for sure :)

--Ramona, 08-Jan-2007

I heard about Travian when my aunt (She is 61) talked about it with a net Friend. Now we play it in Travian2 - Portuguese Server. I'm in Angola, she is in Portugal. It's amazing how you can communicate and learn from this game. Looks so simple, so detached and then... so real. Someone started farming her yesterday. That’s how I found your Blog. Very well said. I’m impressed, agree, and hope the other guy will feel as you do. She did send him a very calm and polite message. I don’t know if he has enough brain cells to understand the irony: damnant quod non intelligent ! We hope… We play as Romans and we tried to give some humour to the game. Amiantum and Delirium, villages dedicated to Bacus’ and the Vestals. Just for fun. Imagine something like Las Vegas and Amsterdam in the 70s’ for the ancient world. But even so they farm. You know what? Now we are just thinking of rebuilding (virtually) the Great Portuguese Empire of the 16Th Century. If memory serves me well, Portugal was one of the smallest reign of Europe right? Just like us, 12 cities in one day. The weak can be might. You see? From party and humour to war, just because someone annoyed us without warning! It can tell something about the world and history (repeating as D. Shirley Bassey sings so well). I’ll keep you posted!

--AnonymousCoward, 21-Jan-2007

I'm not an AnonymousCoward, just forgot to put my name in! I'm Carlos! Cheers!

--AnonymousCoward, 21-Jan-2007

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