Just a note, trying to DL the .PPT via Bloglines/RSS feed didn't work, even tho the URL seemed to be correct. Instead I get a PPT file which has an Apache error report saying "HTTP Status 404 - Attachment 'Main_blogentry_060206_1/blogitMiksiBisneksessa.ppt', version -1 does not exist.". Just FYI. Even if the attachment URL above looks faulty, the link off Bloglines was correct (happened with Firefox/Ubuntu, right-clicking the link from Bloglines).

From the entry I got it no problem.

--Shrike, 06-Feb-2006

I think that was probably because I mistyped the URL the first time, and Bloglines managed to fetch the feed before I could change it. Therefore it'll take a couple of hours for Bloglines to update...

--JanneJalkanen, 06-Feb-2006

Great presentation Janne! Now if you had a videopodcast of the actual presentation so that I wouldn't have to just imagine you giving it. ;) At least judging based on your earlier talks it would have been really entertaining to see.

BTW. Bloglines still has the same problem that Shrike mentioned. I guess it doesn't want to update your earlier posting.

--Hrry, 09-Feb-2006

Kiitos Janne! :)

--Terhi Manninen, 13-Feb-2006

Hrry, I actually thought about podcasting it, but that would've taken a bit too much preparation. Besides, I'm not that good at speaking... Except perhaps as a comedy routine.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Feb-2006

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