Funny thing about those complaints of commercial blogs being on is that everybody can have their own personalized list. One doesn't have to subscribe to them. Samikki sure as hell isn't putting them on anybody's lists.

--psi-, 09-Apr-2005

Good points and nice attitude, thanks.

We actually do know the sites you mentioned - and a couple of others. We even had our own trainingcamp:

Petteri / Pirkka

--PN, 09-Apr-2005

Very good... Just remember the importance of transparency. :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Apr-2005

Very nice. Olipas siinä todella hieno kirjoitus, visionäärinen ja filosofinen, intellektuelli ja maanläheinen samaan aikaan. Tää pitää laittaa jonnekin linkkinä. Jep.

--Wilhelmiina (, 09-Apr-2005

Wow, I was just about to write something about this stuff, but it seems you already said it all, and more. Guess I just have to link. :)

And the mystery of kirjoitusopas: solved! I can't really explain it, but I was somehow really confused about that blog...

--Jere Majava, 10-Apr-2005

If people are really that concerned about having a "corporate" blog list, I'm sure we'll see an "alternative" blog list quite soon. The software is simple to design and finding a list of all the Finnish blogs will be a sinch!

--Phil, 10-Apr-2005

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