This seems to be a trend. I have been receiving huge loads of undelivearable spam for a couple of days. Last week I received maybe 40 spam a day, now I get 200 or so. Is this the end of email as we know it ?

With a little scripting a filter is easy to make: gather all the emails you have legitimately send and to which addresses, then consider all mails bounced from addresses you have not sent anything as spam. Too bad none of the currently available spam filters I am aware of support this kind of feature.

--Jukka Lindström, 08-Jun-2004

Well, I have been ready to do what you just described for a long time now... and I am getting approx. 5 spam a day, counting all my 6 e-mail addresses.

What does that tell about me? Or you?

--Mie, 08-Jun-2004

Yeah, you and everybody else and their dog are getting those. Sucks bigtime.

--Janka, 08-Jun-2004

OK, the good thing in that you're all getting them is that the next version of any spam filters probably take this into account.

Upgrade early, upgrade often.

And Mie: I've been online since 1989, and written innumerable amounts of text to the Internet (try searching Google Groups), publishing my email address without spam protection (because spambots were not invented back then). So - this is the punishment for being open. The cool thing is that I don't have to be careful about publishing my email address anymore: it's on every single spammer's list these days, so I'll get the spam no matter what. :-)

(I'm getting, what, 200+ spam messages/day? I'm not seeing all of them, since the highest-scoring ones get routed to a trashcan immediately.)

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Jun-2004

As far as I'm aware, this latest flood is the result of a windows spam virus. This is still just conjecture, though - haven't seen any news about it yet.


It wouldn't be a huge problem, except that poor grey starts choking when deleting a few thousand spam that have gathered in the junk box since last purge.

--ebu, 09-Jun-2004

I feel for you... Spammers have been using my domains as their return addresses for years - the end result being that I get around one bounce per second through the day, every day (yeah, it adds up to insane amounts). It's gone so bad that I'm thinking about setting up another server just for handling spam and bounce filtering....

--Kim, 09-Jun-2004

Gng. I hate the idea that I might have to start to use time and money to deal with something that shouldn't be happening in the first place.

Just gimme a spammer, a quiet room, and 15 minutes...

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Jun-2004

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