Commenting on JCDecaux: As I posted the story first myself, I do have to say that I tried to get a comment from other sources than our client who told us this rather unbelievable story. I did get comments from my friends who work as reporters that they also got the story and were going to cover it. Hoping to get it all public, or to go in shame myself. :-)

--Pirkka, 08-Sep-2005

Well, it is so insane it might be true...

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Sep-2005

Unfortunately this seems to be true.

I got some extra information of the story from the ad agency who is behind the campaign (also comments to my blog). They explained their side of the story, but I still think that the whole idea of sending a pigeon (even though it is brought to you by a professional animal keeper and it is supposed to be freed right away) to a client, is an awful idea.

Especially from JCDecaux, when we all know what happened this summer.

--Pirkka, 09-Sep-2005

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