Open Source is not only a another "hype".

It is not such a big thing for a developer, but it is a revolution for all the managers out there. It works totally different from there way of thinking. And it is also a revolution for developers who dont know it yet.

By the way: Thanks for your lecture today in Hamburg on this codeBeamer meeting. It was a pleasure to listen!

--daniel, 16-May-2007

Well, on a surface level I agree with you. But there is hype relating to open source - especially certain kinds of open source, starting with the "if you just put your software out there, hundreds of people will improve it" -myth. No. If it's crap to begin with, nobody cares. If they don't need it, nobody cares. And a hundred of other reasons.

But what I'm trying to suggest that there is no "open source" as a single entity. Some kinds of open source are more different than others, and maybe it would be good to look into the different kinds of open sources. So now that we know it's a revolution, can we get over it, please? ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 17-May-2007

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