Maybe you're old :)

--pni, 10-May-2009

Your description of the movie feels right to me. Still: I'm such a simpleton I'd no problems with seeing an enjoyable generic scifi flick instead of a bad Trek film.

Mind you, I've only seen a few eps of the various series, so I might've been optimal audience for the new film. Familiar with the people and the places but not very attached to them.

--OlliS, 10-May-2009

Just to make sure - I did enjoy the film. It was very funny and entertaining.

However, it was, in the end, completely irrelevant. And I'm not used to Star Trek being irrelevant.

--JanneJalkanen, 10-May-2009

And the problem isn't with people and places and how they're treated. I found Karl Urban as Bones to be the perfect match for young Deforest Kelley. It goes far, far deeper than that.

It was just another enjoyable Scifi flick. Nothing wrong with that.

But my life won't have any impact at all as a result of me seeing it. Which makes it... irrelevant for the lack of a better word. And this bothers me, that is all.

(And here's the rub - in today's polarized world, this kind of a movie is difficult to talk about, because now you've really have no idea whether I really liked it or not; and many of you reading this don't have the slightest clue as to what I'm talking about, since you probably enjoyed the film and didn't give it a second thought, and you figure that I'm an old grumpy guy who just doesn't like his startrek to be "vandalized" and leave it at that, no matter how much I say I liked the movie.

Perhaps my issue isn't with this movie in particular, but because of the fact that I sacrificed several hours of family time in order to see an irrelevant movie - a movie which really could've been meaningful in some sense - and I'm just pissed off at seeing potential being squandered.)

--JanneJalkanen, 10-May-2009

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