You're spot on as far as our family is concerned, anyway.

I'd imagine most household renovations as ex[t/p]ensive as the one we've got underway generally encompass TV upgrades, but as we've gotten on fine these last two years without one we've decided to leapfrog TV entirely. What remains to be seen is how the jailbroken iPad performs as home mediator.

--AG, 09-May-2010

Good thinking, methinks. What the pads need next is an interface to large screen tellys and projectors. Especially the latter.

--Tube, 10-May-2010

Nokia N8 has HDMI output already (though it's not a tablet, but it shows that smaller form factor devices are already able to do that), but I'm not sure whether that's really the point - after all, then it's no longer personal as such. But yeah, for sharing, possibly.

--JanneJalkanen, 10-May-2010

Sometimes people do wish to enjoy a large screen even if they're alone. Though it may be that once kids get used to the small screen, it becomes the default (just like bad quality sound has become the default for music).

Sharing and enjoying a full panorama experience, yeah. But in a few years those might be just as common/simple as the default audio port.

--Mikko, 13-May-2010

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