I can tell you from experience of well over a year now, that the certain decision you made today you need not regret.

--, 09-Oct-2003

Lucky you :)

While I'm not fond of closed operating systems, and Apple has a history of dubious practices, they are still miles ahead of Microsoft on both the ethical and the tech counts. By all accounts OS X is a very decent Unix system, the only thing I would probably miss from Linux is virtual desktops (and don't tell me "hacks that do that are available as shareware" - I want a window-manager built-in virtual desktop, not hacks, and I dislike the whole "shareware" concept).

But anyway, Powerbooks are sweet. If I had cash I'd buy one of the new 15" models, but that will have to wait until next year I guess.

--Orava, 10-Oct-2003

Yeah, well... I have nothing against shareware, so any hacks are cool by me. Shareware is, after all, just commercial software but made by individuals instead of companies, with either limited or fully functional demo versions...

And I wonder if you could actually do something like virtual desktops with Panther's quick user switching (or whatever it's called). I'll let you know how it works out :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Oct-2003

Ooh, Panther...

And I want one too! *pouts*

--Milla, 10-Oct-2003

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