How did you do that ???

I'm especially impressed by the "more..." link.

I took the code from the JSPWiki:InsertPagePlugin, and recompiled my sources to include it. It works fine, but has nothing to do with the result I see on this page.

If you pass by the JSPWiki:InsertPagePlugin page, please drop a line about the code you are running (it's said to be in the 2.1.37, and I see nothing of this kind in my 2.1.56cvs.


--FrancoisParlant, 30-Aug-2003

The code looks like this: [{InsertPage page='About' maxlength=500 style='font-size: 85%; margin: 10px; padding: 5px; border-width: thin; border-style:inset; background: #dedede;'}]

The code on JSPWiki:InsertPagePlugin is Scott's code, not mine; there's a more fully-featured plugin in CVS.

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Aug-2003

This is ubercool

--, 02-Nov-2003

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