My educated guess is that the resource wars have only just begun. US really has very few other options than grabbing as big piece of the world resources as their armies allow, considering the level of energy usage in America, which is only expected to increase.

I always find it curious that anyone could even consider that this war has anything to do with anything else except energy.

--Dragon, 11-Oct-2006

Oh, religion plays a large part, too, I'm sure.

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Oct-2006

Kirjota taas Outista jotain söpöä ja ihkua! En oo jaksanut lukea sun blogia enää pitkään aikaan, kun se on niin täynnä kaikkea höpöhöpö-poikain-juttuja! Tytötkin on ihan varteenotettava kohderyhmä, joten siirappia kehiin ja heti! :)

--Kata, 12-Oct-2006

Heh :-). Mietitään, mutta kyllä tytötkin saa tykätä tekniikasta, sananvapaudesta, ajankohtaisista asioista jne. :)

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Oct-2006

The irony is that if this war has been about energy, it has failed. If it was about making large sums of money for the energy companies, then it has succeeded big time.

All I can say is that the world needs to pray for the US House of Representatives or Senate to change party control next month so that we can begin putting a stop to this insanity. The fact that we, in the US, are having a national "debate" on how much we can torture people show how far we have strayed from our stated values. It sickens me to see where the US is going and I am more sickened by the fact that I am complicit in the respect that I am a US citizen. Our government keeps on telling us that 9-11 changed everything: it shouldn't have. It should have only reinforced the core values and ethics that we claim to stand for.

--Joel, 13-Oct-2006

Saa tykätä joo ja varmaan tykkääkin, mutta pussailu on paljon kivempaa! ;)

--Kata, 13-Oct-2006

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