You may want to look at your link again, Janne. The following is my Bloglines Blogroll, which (I am so ashamed!) includes Butt Ugly.

Your current link simply takes the reader to Bloglines.

--, 12-Mar-2004

Um - look at the right-hand menu... Scroll down the page a bit to see it :)

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Mar-2004

Janne, I did. If I scroll down the right side to "Blogs I Read" and click "Bloglines | News" it takes me to Bloglines, NOT to a list of blogs that you read.

--, 12-Mar-2004

Et sitten kehtaa julkisesti tunnustaa lukevasi TiraMisua? Ei ole rautaa nykymiehet ei.

--Misu, 12-Mar-2004

Dear - that IS the list of the blogs that I read. Bloglines|News is the Bloglines News blog, duh :).

By the way - if you don't have Javascript enabled, you won't see the blogroll.

Ja Misu, heti kun teiltä saa RSS- tai Atom-virran, niin iloisesti lisään teidät listaan ;-). Bloggerilta ne saa kun käy tökkäämässä bitin päälle... Muuten saatte kärvistellä tuntemattomien Pinseri-listalaisten joukossa.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Mar-2004

Mä huomaan myös tykkääväni bloglinesista, ja opettelen lukemaan sillä ulkomaan suuruuksia. Kotomaiset tulee paremmin Pinserin listalta.

--Merten, 13-Mar-2004

Janne, you are speaking well and hearing less well. My list of weblogs to which I subscribe can be see at That is my blogroll.

Other can view my public list of weblogs that I read rather than every weblog available thru Bloglines. I suspect the same is true for you, i.e., there is a list of weblogs that you read via your Bloglines subscription. I was hoping to view that list.

--, 14-Mar-2004

Yes - and that is exactly the list that is available on the right-hand menu :). At least I'm seeing them, and apparently others. Perhaps you are not seeing them? I've included them using Javascript, and if you have JS turned off, you cannot see the included blogroll... Take a quick look through the source, if you don't believe me. I added a quick noscript-thingy to tell the non-JS-enabled readers what is going on.

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Mar-2004

Ah, now I understand. Rather than a link that one clicks to see the list, your blogroll (Bloglines subscriptions) appear in your right sidebar under the Heading: "Blogs I Read". I was looking for a tree and failed to see the forest.

--, 21-Mar-2004

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