Wow..Congrats man! What a great opportunity and an interesting move. Good luck with your new challenges at Thinglink. I'm linking there too :-).

--Hessu, 12-Apr-2010

Onnittelut! *nostaa samalla käden ylös* ;-)

--AnonymousCoward, 12-Apr-2010

(se olin minä tossa edellä. homma lipesi käsistä.)

--Marjut, 12-Apr-2010

Congrats to the new job! And welcome to the mad world of startups.. ;)


--Torulf, 12-Apr-2010

Thanks guys! Torulf, would love to see your pitch some day :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Apr-2010

Congratulations! I'm looking for something new myself, and seeing encouraging signs everywhere. Like here.

--Katri , 12-Apr-2010

hey congratulations Janne. We'll miss you!

--SeanRooney, 12-Apr-2010

Congratulations! Thinglink is already really interesting and it is interesting to see what it will be

--Jarno, 12-Apr-2010

Good luck Janne! It sounds like a great opportunity and match for you!

--James, 12-Apr-2010

Janne, Sounds it was not that bad a move to join Nokia back then ;-) Thanks for your efforts and friendship. Yes, the life is different on the other side of the mountains, drop a line some time to share thoughts.

--Heikki H, 13-Apr-2010

Heikki, one can never know what would've happened :-). But yeah, it's been fun!

And I'm meaning to catch up.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Apr-2010

Congrats on the move Janne! Thinglink should be a good match for you. New setting, new challenges ahead...

--Harri Lakkala, 14-Apr-2010

Congratulations! I should really read blogs more often. I wish you a lot of success!

--Adriaan, 07-May-2010

Adriaan, these entries also are on my Twitter feed ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 08-May-2010

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