Okay, in that case, who are the other three Readers? "Quick, push all the comments into places they don't expect."

--Ewan Spence, 13-Sep-2004

Funnily enough, our song is a Finnish one: "Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta" from Värtinnä.

--Steven Noels, 13-Sep-2004

Is this a competition? In that case I will take the cake, please.

--Spinsteri, 13-Sep-2004

Just talked with wifey about this one, appears that we don't have a 'our tune'.

I'd like to think tho that it is something very weird, obscure and very good song. Which sounds beautiful, but is actually brutally evil :)

Disclaimer: There are none, what-so-ever, references above to our relationship. Except "good" and "beautiful".

--, 13-Sep-2004

I'm covered in beees... aaaaaahhhh... covered in beeees....

--Outi, 13-Sep-2004

Okay, Ewan, of course you being an educated Scotsman know quality when you see it :-D.

And everyone, thank you for flying Church of England.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Sep-2004

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