Yumm!! He has pumpkin soup this week for lunch!!

I don't understand about supporting LifeBlog with JSPWiki. Or were you talking about doing a better job of supporting pictures and inside JSPWiki?

As to your comment about new bloggers, I continue to have mixed feelings about blogs. I like yours, but I don't think I would have read it if not for JSPWiki. I stay somewhat because of that link, because I've met you in person and because you have interesting things that you write about. While they are things that happen to "you", most posts have more content than "Went to dinner with Susan and had...", they touch technology, relationships and the slightly off kilter things in the world.

A lot of the bloggers have little of interest to say, and now with cell cams, we all can look at out of focus versions of their friends. While I'm all for allowing the great outpouring of self expression and publication of their thoughts, ideals, inner searching, etc.

I was unable to read your (ranting) post in Finnish about blogging, so I'm not sure what you were on about.

One thing that I would love is a way to find some of the blogs that I would find interesting. If there were only "dustjacket synopsis" like books have that would describe the blog (and the story inside) These would be searchable and make it easier to find.

--Foster, 13-Nov-2004

I meant the ability to directly post to your WikiBlog from within Lifeblog.

In my experience, most people read a few blogs from people they know, some from people they've met and are somewhat interesting, and then some of the really known ones, because those are simply awesome writers or provide some niche information that they find useful/fun/thought-provoking. And I think that's a good mix.

Bloglines actually has a wonderful "like blogs" -feature: It looks at your subscribed set of blogs, and then gives you recommendations based on other people's subscribed blogs. I guess the front page (the last week worth of postings) is always the dust jacket for a blog... You just go in, read through whatever is on the first page, and based on that, decide in 30 seconds whether you want to read this blog or not.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Nov-2004

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