Don't fly in US. It's just too difficult due security hypocrisy.

--AnonymousCoward, 13-Jan-2007

Hey, working at an airport I've come to the conclusion that the airlines etc only hire idiots. Power tripping, good for nothing idiots.

--Turisti, 14-Jan-2007

What are the other airports in your "never again"-list?

Mine consists of Heathrow (especially transfers) and Charles De Gaulle (just say no). Other airports may have their shortcomings, but nothing comes close to the ambient wrongness of these two.

--lavonardo, 14-Jan-2007

My avoid-if-you-can list:

- Lisbon (confusing and dark) - Charles de Gaulle (smoky, confusing, ugly, noisy and somebody always on strike) - JFK (immigration staff trained by experts from DDR) - Stockholm (well... Stockholm) - Heathrow (transfers is horrible)

--Kari Haakana, 14-Jan-2007

My "never again" airports include currently CDG (I've always lost my bags there, and last time I lost a GPS unit), LHR (transfers only; for flying to London it's ok), STN (it's just in the middle of nothing) and now ORD. I try to avoid JFK, but the Finnair direct flight is just too convenient.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Jan-2007

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