Interestingly, "biobreak" is familiar to me not from any meeting context, but from online games... I've never heard if used outside of the gaming communitiy.

--Janka, 13-Nov-2007

agenda, n. - the topics everybody is going to avoid.

volunteer, v. - agreeing that someone not present will commit to completing a task.

twiddling, v. - technical activity that must be undertaken before a laptop can be used.

minutes, n. - blatantly self-serving document about the meeting that omits all inconvenient details.

action point, n. - a task that is completable neither during the meeting nor within the next six months.

VPN, n. - a company-enforced way to prevent participants from accessing the intranet.

working lunch, n. - similar to [lunch], but catered in the meeting room and consists of soggy sandwiches.

beamer, n. - a display device whose hum prevents any electronic eavesdropping attempts (and frustrates non-present telco participants)

soda, n. - collection of soft drinks (that has just a single bottle of coca cola).

resolution, n. - invariably one that is not displayable on the [beamer] and needs plenty of [twiddling].

lids down, n. (2) - a meeting where more than half of the invited people are asleep.

--lavonardo, 13-Nov-2007

Ehm. Sorry about the accidental links.

--lavonardo, 13-Nov-2007

Janka, considering the obvious overlap within the IT industry and the gamer population, I'm not at all surprised it crops up in other areas as well :)

Lavonardo, disabled the links. It's a wiki, even if it does not look like it :)

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Nov-2007

Are those your own inventions or quoted from somewhere? Very apt, in any case.

--Moira, 14-Nov-2007

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