In Vancouver, there's a lack of respect for the local ecosystem. There are many who believe that global warming is good because it will increase the amount of sunshine here and reduce the number of times people feel they have to vacation in Florida or California or Mexico (name your hotspot). They forget that they are living in a rainforest and that a lack of rain will mean drying trees... and fires!

It's gotten to the point where the weather is a commodity -- a feature for vacation planners if you like. Now we compare our cities and environments to others much as we compare the features/benefits of a mobile phone or an automobile. The respect for place that we need, however, is an understanding of the unique intimacies that are possible between people, communities and nature -- the ones that are only possible when our climate is just *so*.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that we must yearn to know our places much as, when we're in love, we yearn to know and cherish the uniqueness, delights and delicacies of our lovers' bodies. To me, this is what the debate on global warming boils down to: commodification and comparison of climates versus a true love of the nature of the places we live in. Enough said. Thanks for the food for thought, Janne.

--Sanjay Khanna, 15-Jan-2005

I think it's an important question economically as well - the impact of say, streets of New York, being submerged under ten feet of water should not be underestimated...

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Jan-2005

I agree completely. I suppose I'm trying to communicate an idea that could contribute to a mindshift that will allow individuals, businesses, industry and government to harness our considerable energies in the service of solutions. I think this starts from a love of place -- love and caring lead us to defend/protect our places (and people) with economic/environmental solutions. I wonder also: What ideas will help us overcome intransigence surrounding collective action on global warming?

--Sanjay Khanna, 17-Jan-2005

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