i am just back from the incredibles, just in the door 20 minutes ago. in front of me i have the exact same bag still filled with some karkkia. between the bag and the giant fazer sininen choclate bar, im sure i made lots of noise for my the people around me.


--darren, 14-Nov-2004

Be grateful you don't live in the U.S. I don't even go to the movies anymore because the fucktards talk through the entire film. I remember how quiet theaters are in Finland and France. Why are Americans compelled to comment on the movie WHILE it's happening?

--bluehole.org, 15-Nov-2004

bluehole, is that situation the same in all showings? In Finland, the Friday/Saturday shows tend to be a bit more noisy, but during weekday late nights the theatres are at its calmest.

And yeah, over here if you talk too loud, you're almost bound to get someone going "shhh!" at you. It's getting worse though - people sometimes even answer their cell phones during the movie. Or do SMS (which makes no noise, but the backlights are so bright you can't help but to notice them).

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Nov-2004

Yes. It's pretty bad at all of them now. Even foreign films. I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which was already in Mandarin (I think) with English subtitles and a Mexican family spoke Spanish the whole time a few rows away.

I just saw a French-Canadian film. It was the last one I've seen. Two women were talking during it. I shushed them and after the film they confronted ME. Sarcastically saying, "So sorry you couldn't enjoy yourself."

It's not fun anymore. I just wait for DVD.

--bluehole.org, 15-Nov-2004

Heh. I would rip them a new arsehole, should something like that happen... :)

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Nov-2004

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