Cooking as a pleasure is a trend that had been on the rise for the past few years. I remember talking to a person in the design industry and the person told me that a lot more people are investing in good cooking equipment, beautiful utensils, pots, plates and the like.

--J-Ko, 15-Dec-2003

It is also my understanding that cooking courses have experienced a dramatic increase in popularity lately...

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Dec-2003

Just look at the number of food programs on TV in the US. Not only do you have the Food channel ( but there are shows on a number of the other networks.

The interesting thing to me is for a lot of people it's not the food, it's the gizmos (Oh look I have the SuperSaber(r) electronic laser knife set). I seem to get by on the same set of pots and equipment that I've had for years.

Last weekend was the December birthday party and I made a brine soaked chicken and baked potatoes stuffed with shrimp, crab meat and cheese, just wonderful!

--Foster, 15-Dec-2003

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