"Always bet on the worse option. I lost, but for the price of one dinner I get to sleep a lot better. Had I won - well, at least I would've gotten the dinner."

That's called "insurance". :-)

- M

--AnonymousCoward, 15-Jan-2006

I sold my old apt in 5 days, that was in Harjutori, Kallio (~30 squares). They didn't even put it in public ads, so it got sold solely within the Kiinteistömaailma company "intranet". It is a trendy area for the twentysomethings to live in nowdays.

I saw some graphs about the prices and speeds that apartments have been selling in Kallio and the average was below 2 weeks (which was based on oldish information, over 6 months old and so). All small apartments (between lets say 20 to 40 square meters) seem to sell really fast, as long as the pricetag is reasonable. The professionals I talked about selling it beforehand all said the same thing: Set the price to what you would part with the apartment for sure. Trying to get the highest possible price is not in anyones best interest.


--Shrike, 15-Jan-2006

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