Finnnish wedddings are, in general, rather depressing affairs, no? I've only been to a couple, but it was awful. Very dry.

--Asmodeane, 16-May-2004

Well, however you want to describe Finnish weddings, "dry" is not one of the words I would use.

"Dry" in the sense "no alcohol", I mean.

Usually they are everything but dry. In fact, I don't recall being to a wedding where there hadn't been bottles of vodka (or other hard liquor) hidden somewhere outdoors. Just look for a group of people, who are trying hard to look inconspicous.

I guess it has something to do with the music.

--JanneJalkanen, 16-May-2004

The Swedish Eurovision entry was about anal sex. Targer the right market, they say.

--Armi, 16-May-2004

You should try vanhoillislestadiolaiset häät. No dancing, no booze, no music, except perhaps for an aging aunt who sings hämähämähäkki or something like that in a shaky voice (and even that gets a glare from the elders). After that, your old waltzing to depressive music and kossu behind the sauna starts to feel strangely hilarious.

--rhia, 16-May-2004

Frankly, that sounds like a refreshing change, rhia :). Then again, the one instance of a wedding in the US I've been to was not really a change, just something between a Finnish wedding and a colon removal in hilarity: fun to watch but painful to participate.

And Armi, thank you - now I cannot sleep while I ponder why the hell Finns gave the full 12 points to Sweden, and what the exact connection to anal sex is here.

--JanneJalkanen, 16-May-2004

Hurts, oh it hurts, really hurts
In the middle of the night
In the light of the day
You know that it hurts
Oh it hurts, really hurts
And I wish I could be stronger
No longer afraid
Nobody but me, could know the way I feel
Oh it hurts, oh it hurts I'm trying to forget love
The pain I feel inside
I'm clinging to my pillow
And the tears I cannot hide
I wish it could be over
So I can start anew, oh

--Armi, 17-May-2004

Gawk. It's worse than I remembered. (Fixed your line breaks, BTW)

--JanneJalkanen, 17-May-2004

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