It's not about whether it "matters" or not what the "traditional media" (or whomever) thinks about "us". It's not about the media or the format at all. What it is about is a story-distributor I enjoy reading making a story about something I enjoy doing.

What matters is that there's someone I expect to make an enjoyable story trying to tell about something I do to people who (mostly) don't do it. I find that exciting. The fact that it is someone from the "traditional media" doing a story about "the new media" is completely and utterly uninteresting to me. It is not about "us" and "them". It is about the stories some people write, and other people read. Form is irrelevant. Authors and readers are what matter.

--Janka, 15-Sep-2005

That's one way of putting it. Personally, I am just somewhat... tired of the whole thing. There is no reason to get endorsement from someone in the established media to feel good about your blogging. It's good they're trying, but I just don't find it very exciting anymore.

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Sep-2005

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