Hi Janne. Don't feel you need to invent the wheel here, Atom4J can do most of the work for you. So far it is a one-man-band, but I'd welcome the company if you'd like to help make it better. Atom4J is integrated into Roller if you'd like to see an example of how it works.

It looks like I beat the Sandler to the self-promotion punch for once. Sandler is used in Blojsom, but I haven't looked at how tightly coupled the two are (if at all).

That said, Sandler does have two advantages right now: a lighter parsing mechanism and they have implemented the security layer. But the WSSE security is not part of the official spec so I've intentionally left it out of Atom4J.

--LanceLavandowska, 18-May-2004

Actually, I already integrated Sandler into JSPWiki; I like light things. WSSE is also absolutely necessary IMO, so I wanted to use it. :-)

Sandler's documentation sucks, though. Someone needs to write a HOWTO or something...

--JanneJalkanen, 18-May-2004

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