If you own the copyright you can just state your intentions kind of like gnu classpath does. No need to relicense.

--, 17-Jul-2003

Basically yes, but in most cases people just look at the license saying "oh, it's LGPL" and never bother to look further.

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Jul-2003

Just create your own license in the spirit to the ASF license, like we did for xReporter: http://xreporter.cocoondev.org/license.html

--StevenNoels, 01-Aug-2003

Take a look at the Jabber Open Source License. I think it's as close to LGPL on control as you can get without being locked up in political maneuvering.

--JackPark, 28-Aug-2003

Janne - Have you decided if you're going to re-license? Apache would be great? Please? Thanks! -Matt

--Matt Payne, 15-Dec-2003

I'll stick with LGPL - it seems that the scare was just a bit too hasty.

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Dec-2003

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