Yes the SKylab 4 crew never went into space again, but out of all teh Skylba astronauts over the whole mission they had the highest work per day ratio of any crew. After the 24 hour mutiny everything went smoothly, mutual respect, proper scheduling, and away they went. If memory serves they even got an extension.

As to never flying again, true but of the 9 skylab crew members, only 2 ever flew again - something to do with the USA not having any launches (bar one) after Skylab in 1973 (ish) till Columbia in 1981.

--Ewan Spence, 16-Aug-2005

"teh Skylba?"

Man, you seriously need rest from all the podcasting :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Aug-2005

I find that page about the medical issues astronauts face in space absolutely facinating. In fact, I was late from work today because I started reading it ;)

--kolibri, 16-Aug-2005

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