--, 28-Dec-2003

oh my god that looks like hell... lol.

I once tried drinking eggs on a dare for 2 bucks.

I was desperate to prove how wacked I was so did it.

Of course it was nasty and slimy and horrible, and the bastard didn't want to part with his 2 dollars. Now I no longer do food dares.

Thanks for the pics tho. Interesting and twisted and what not.

--, 02-Jan-2004

I am very very very disturbed by this...

--Matt, 16-Jan-2004

We did a more complete minced food test for the (Finnish) Kvantti magazine. See:


page 14. We were surprised how similar the taste of our hamburger meal was before and after mincing. This may be because we didn't use the entire soda, just enough to lubricate the blender and make mincing possible. Oh, and we used Coke instead of Fanta.

In the article we also tried mincing:

  • sauerkraut, bratwurst and weissbier
  • steak with sauce, broccoli, potatoes and red wine
  • pizza and red wine
  • Koskenkorva and a pickle
  • After Eights, coffee, cream and cognac

The tastes were highly varied. Overall, the minced versions tasted a lot more like the original foods that what we expected.

--, 26-Apr-2004

Somehow I am now expecting to see the Chemistry Guild guildroom filled with old clothes as a practical jäynä...

Well, it's a good thing to see that the Physics Guild still boldly goes where nobody (well, except for me, of course) has gone before! Ah, that brings back some harking memories from the Uni... :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 26-Apr-2004

Oh my...

You're never gonna get a job as a chef.

--Turisti, 17-Jul-2005

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