Aah, Good Old "I've got thoughts that are best shared right now" type late nite drunkedness. I'm so very happy didn't have a blog, oh lets say, 5 years ago when I was still heavy clubber/pubber. 5 in the morning is the time when you can do serious damage to self in IRC alone.

But now you left us all wondering, what on earth was it that you did send?

--Jukka_a.k.a._Shrike, 17-Apr-2004

And by George, you shall never know.

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Apr-2004

Ha, I know something that Shrike don't know! Maybe you sent more than one email, the one that I got was normal, nothing to feel ashamed about. The intention was to sent a "känniviesti" back, but I was way too tired to do that last night. You're gonna have to settle for a normal one.

--, 18-Apr-2004

Darn. Perhaps I should've yearned desperately after you, then. Or something equally drunken single male thing. I'll try to be more shameless next time ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Apr-2004

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