Yeah, I've been kind of wondering the same thing. For a long time a lot of services moved to the WWW, and it's still going on. I haven't even started up tin in a long, long time. Now that I have a good phone which can run a pretty capable browser I use it to read the usual forums, web comics and stuff, and of course I can ssh to my shell server and connect to the screen for email and irc.

Then I'm amazed other people (for example many of my friends) talk about which apps they can get for their phones. I just prefer using the browser in the same way I use it on my desktops instead of getting a different app for all the simple things I do. Also, IRC is much better for me using the same screen all the time. I have Firefox on my phone, and I use it even though it's a bit sluggish.

I hope the browsers get better on the mobile platforms. The browser as the platform is a good idea - and I liked the Linux virtual machine running on a browser, though it did somehow crash my X when the Chrome I was running it in crashed. (I wanted to close the Chrome as the fork bomb was eating some resources of my computer...)

--Mikko Parviainen, 18-Jun-2011

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