Thanks for informing. I had considerd buying that box, but after reading your rant, I think I'll pass.

--Julius, 18-Sep-2004

Gee Janne, it's not like you to hold back your opinion, what do you really think of it? ;-)

I have the Toshiba with the 80Gb of disk and I still love it after 7 months. My only regret is not getting one earlier.

--Foster, 19-Sep-2004

I have a first generation British Tivo (4 or 5 years old) and just got a Nokia Mediamaser 260 S. Did the people who made this thing never use a Tivo? So intuitive. I honestly thing my Mom should have a TV to make watching TV eaiser. You need a degree in computer the the UI of the Mediamaster. Your blog is so right on this clumsy UI design.

OK, it is ugly but really the loud fan is the pits. I have popped the top off and disconnected the fan and have left the top propped open at the back. Honestly, it might overheat but I'd sooner it fried than list to the noise.

Lovely rant!

--Terry, 24-Oct-2004

I wonder if I could change the fan - there are some quiet PC fans as well... Was it just a standard part?

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Oct-2004

I have two 260C's and I've been running these boxes with the fan disconnected for years now with no problems. I have also tried to change the hard drive to a 250Gb. This hard drive worked but the recording capability didn't increase. Does anybody know any tricks to get it to work?

--Perty, 28-Dec-2007

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