Good points. I'll try to understand at least some of it and comment in my blog, sometime.

One observation now. You: "But in order to overrun media..." and Rosen:"...professional journalism is no longer sovereign over territory it once easily controlled. Not sovereign doesn't mean you go away. It means your influence isn't singular anymore."

I don't (because I'm journalist :-)) see any particular need for the media being overrun. I do, however, see lots of opportunities in the co-existence of "traditional" media and grassroots media.

--Kari Haakana, 20-Jan-2005

Oh yes, my mistake. I meant to say "in order to overrun media" in a slightly sarcastic sense, referring to the previous sentence. Sorry.

I completely agree: There will be a coexistence. An uneasy one, but a coexistence. Blogs will cover things media can't and vice versa. Big stories will still be for the big media, because they are protected by big pockets.

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Jan-2005

"I am expecting much from Haltia (and some other political bloggers), now that the Helsinki City Council is starting its work."

No pressure what so ever ;) I promise to try my best though.

--Haltia, 21-Jan-2005

"Uneasy coexistence"? For some reason the journalist and the blogger in me seem to get together just fine.

--Kari Haakana, 21-Jan-2005

It's a good thing, too :)

I mean - my hope is that they will be watchdogs for each other. Not too cozy, but not too friendly either. And many will, of course, have no problem being both.

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Jan-2005

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