Why on earth?!? Sounds very strange..

--Ainailona, 20-Feb-2005

They're using some kind of blocking software. I noticed this last summer that I didn't get to skrubu.net from Netcup. I told this to the girl behind the counter. She then rang Stockmann IT and after a while everything worked quite fine again.

Lots of blogs from the toplist were blocked, even the toplist itself was inaccessible partly.

--pni, 20-Feb-2005

Old stuff. http://www.melankolia.net/kari/arkistot/001861.html

In english: they use blocking software called DansGuardian. More info here: http://www.tech-geeks.org/geeklog/article.php?story=20021121100555506

--Kari Haakana, 20-Feb-2005

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