Try Closer as well. It leaves you hating at least all the characters, if not humankind itself (but let me say, it's an extremely good play/film). When I saw it, some of the audience eventually cracked and started laughing due to extreme horrible tenseness.

Better still, the adverts make it look like a date movie.

--ChrisH, 20-Feb-2005

Paha maa oli ensimmäinen elokuva (no, ehkä Titanicin ja teinivuosien jälkeen), jota katsoessa takaa teatterista kuului itkua. Ahdisti kovin kyllä, kuten Closerkin.

--Mari, 20-Feb-2005

Paha Maa is well, not the kinda film where you end up hating everybody. I guess the topmost feeling is really pity. These people aren't really bad, they're just... driven to desperation by other people, who in turn are not really bad, just victims of the circumstances.

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Feb-2005

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