--Terje Bergström, 22-Jan-2009

Congratulations! I guess he's got the good genes if you haven't ever been to hospital earlier :)

--Artem Marchenko, 22-Jan-2009

Congratulations to you all. What a wonderful part of life you are enjoying! And don't worry, he'll quickly develop other forms of communications and some that may make you long for the days of cry/no-cry ;-)

Love and peace! - Dave

--Dave Johnson, 22-Jan-2009

ongrats, but jsut remember the cry is not a binary - babies have an analouge based noise!

--Ewan Spence, 23-Jan-2009

To an untrained ear it pretty much is binary :-). But we're learning!

--JanneJalkanen, 23-Jan-2009

Once again congrats, glad it worked out in the end. Nice to know that the army training has some more useful purpose in life ;)

i have to agree, that for most of us it is a binary signal. Volume ~= seriousness of problem condition?

FYI, (in case you missed it) you have some more messages on Jaiku from your Flikr picture feed

--mike, 23-Jan-2009

Congrats again!

You (all of you) will learn to use the cry more. Babies learn how to cry in different ways and you learn to distinguish them.

--Pare, 23-Jan-2009

Congrats! =D

--Stello, 24-Jan-2009

Congratulations, Janne!

--EugeneEricKim, 26-Jan-2009

--EugeneEricKim, 26-Jan-2009

Onneksi olkoon!

--Matti Siivola, 26-Jan-2009

Wonderful! Congratulations to you, Outi and the grandparents, etc. ;)

--Sanjay Khanna, 03-Feb-2009

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