I counted the t-shirts I owned a few years ago. The result was that I owned about 60 t-shirts, most of which I never wear. I have bought more since then.

Of course, many of them are irreplaceable nowadays. Where to get 1993 Assembly t-shirt? Tienristi Larp t-shirt? The t-shirt of our performance group in lukio with the ostrich on it?

T-shirts are definitely not just a garment.

--Pare, 22-Feb-2006

Quite a few many things are irreplaceable, once you start attaching memories to them...

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Feb-2006

I have lots of t-shirts like that. I've put them aside, to the back of the wardrobe - that way they don't clutter the space that I so much need for my wearable stuff, but I can still keep them. Of course I keep them.

--kolibri, 23-Feb-2006

My friend made an excellent quilt out of her old t-shirts. I have seen a few other t-shirt quilts on line, even a place where you can ship your t-shirts and they will make a quilt out of them for you. (http://www.wildzipper.com/) Now that I have written that, I don't know how you would it apart from spam, but anyway....

--Tim, 24-Feb-2006

I don't think it's spam if it's relevant to the discussion...

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Feb-2006

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