I've been wondering the same thing O_O I haven't got a clue what's up with the whole Ieva thing, it seems to be EVERYWHERE right now O_O Please, someone, enlighten us!

--Outi, 22-May-2006

Here are some remixes as mp3s: http://czari.info/fkreeca/

--Henri, 22-May-2006

I'm going to need some Lordi to get over that Loituma horror.. (WTF?!?) :O

--Stello, 23-May-2006

Oh my gosh, that is some funny shit. Good job!

--ScottHurlbert, 23-May-2006

Don't know about the remix shit.

The original is a Finnish trad song called "Savitaipaleen Polkka". Loituma is performing it as "Ieva's Polka".

If you want to see more of that kind of stuff performed live, http://www.kaustinen.net/ is the place to be.

--kauppi, 23-May-2006

For all those who got tired of Loituma, here's the remix for all of them. What a funny frenzy :-)

--Laetti, 25-May-2006

Thanks Laetti! (I edited your comment slightly to contain proper link code.)

--JanneJalkanen, 25-May-2006

Thanks, Janne! I put "save" too quick...

--Laetti, 27-May-2006

If this meme is still alive after a year - it might just spread - we should have Loituma perform at the Eurovision Song contest next year. Maybe not as a contestant, but as a side show.

--Jere Majava, 29-May-2006

Stop. Scaring. Me.

--JanneJalkanen, 29-May-2006

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