Personally, I was pleasantly surprised at how much user-centeredness and innovation was present within this core wiki community. Maybe my bar of expectation was quite a bit lower than yours.

--Kevin Makice, 27-Aug-2006

Well, the problem is that most wiki developers are not UI professionals, and while talking about user-centeredness is great, I'd love to see more involvement from real experts.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Aug-2006

I liked it that Silvan (Reinhold) told people about the German Wikipedia "grandmother test" - we certainly had people talking about who the wikis were for. I think it was great there was a strong educational presence, and while these folks aren't UI experts they definitely think about learning and teaching methodologies a lot. I'd agree with you that focus was more on technical issues than social aspects, but I think this will shift as wikis mature over time; the technical issues will gradually be resolved and the social implications will take up more space (possibly?).

--MarkGaved, 28-Aug-2006

I certainly hope so!

What worries me is that wikis are an older technology than blogs, yet we're gaining the user understanding much slower. Part of it is that our focus is not that completely user-oriented, but part of it is that we don't have enough people who're just adept at that kind of stuff...

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Aug-2006

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