Note: Evidently this was not meant for the people who don't know what stands behind the abbreviation DRM... Once I dug it up from the net, the whole thing started to make sense...

--Spinsteri, 23-Sep-2004

Love 2 Hate for all your hatred!

--l2hate, 23-Sep-2004

"And I think that's a bit too big a price to pay to the starving artists (who, by the way, would be a lot less starving if the producers and distributors screwed them less)."

True, but you could have avoided the hostile response by not including 'content producers' (ie artists) in the title of your entry. What have they ever done, apart from entertain you (for free, by the sound of it)?

Do you actually know what Irony is by the way?

--RedLeader, 23-Sep-2004

Oops, bugger. I originally meant "producers" in the movie/recording industry sense, meaning the guys who pour the money into the whole thing (i.e the media corporations and the lot. I didn't realize my mistake until you pointed it out. After all, English is not my primary language. Didn't mean to include the artists... Oh well, it's out. No can do. :-/

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Sep-2004

In english, 'producer' can also mean 'make' as well as control finances etc. Like 'that letter you produced'.

'I didn't realise my mistake until you pointed it out' in your reply is sarcasm by the way, not irony ;)

I'm not this pedantic normally - honest. Sorry :)

Like the rest of your blog, by the way (no sarcasm intended).

--RedLeader, 24-Sep-2004

Actually, it was meant neither as sarcasm nor irony - it was really the truth! :)

--JanneJalkanen, 25-Sep-2004

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