This is a terrible law. Personally, I own 1000+ CDs for which the artists have received their hopefully fair compensation. I have ripped all of these onto my computer and then onto 16 DVDs (much more portable) and I pretty much only listen to then as MP3s except in the car which doesn't support the format.

I have also "borrowed" MP3s of many artists from my friends and nearly every time I've liked the music I have run off and bought more of their CDs. If I were only to learn about new music via the radio, I'd be listening to Brittany Spears 24/7 and brainwashed by Clear Channel. In my opinion, lesser known artists benefit from their music being shared since radio stations have such a dismal selection of music on them these days.

--Joel, 22-Sep-2005

Yes, it is a terrible law. It was lobbied into the EU legislation by using the DMCA as a model, and Finns being so... obedient, we're trying to copy the directive to the last letter. Or to be precise, our Ministry of Education is.

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Sep-2005

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