orkut is an old Turkish word that means "city of hapiness, pleasure, joy, luck". Yes, it is a good name for a site. Actually its name comes from Orkut Buyukkokten who has built up the site. Turkish and Finnish languages are common in the structure (unlike other european languages), maybe they also have some common words like orkut. interesting :-)

--Ali Ozkan, 27-Jan-2004

Orkut is a Turkish name and I guess it's very old -- like thounsands of times. It means (1) blessed, holy and (2) lucky or holy city (that brings you luck).

--, 28-Jan-2004

That would be "..thousands of years."

--, 28-Jan-2004

As the first poster pointed out, it's named after the Google employee who created it in his own project time, Orkut Buyukkokten. I can see why the name would put you off, though - or encourage you to join? :)


--Stormcaller, 30-Jan-2004

I am actually joined to orkut. I do have, however, a great deal of number of issues with it, which are unrelated to its name. I'll perhaps write about them, but danah has already beaten me to it:


--JanneJalkanen, 30-Jan-2004

So what if "orkut" means "to have orgasm" in Finnish?

There hundreds of words meaning different things in one language and something yet different another:

- "Bok" a common Dutch word which gets used also as a lastname means "shit" in Turkish.

- "Shit" is a common ending for many Turkish names.

- "Sick" sounds like "penis" in Turkish.

- "Batman" is a city in Eastern Turkey, not what it is in English.

The list goes on, but my question again is "so what"?

A. Toprak, San Francisco

--A. Toprak, 05-Jul-2004

It's still a bloody funny name for an people-connecting network. Not everything has to be taken seriously :-D.

--JanneJalkanen, 05-Jul-2004

ROTFLMAO! ... ???

I ........ do not understand

--, 09-Oct-2004

Orkut is a Turkish name and I guess it's very old

--Cowardtyo, 30-Jan-2006

I was in Turkey, and really "Batman" is a city in Turkey.

--Drugger, 01-Feb-2006

and AM means pussy in Turkish. so when we were kids we would laugh at our english teacher when he would write I AM a teacher. I PUSSY teacher :)

--AnonymousCoward, 07-Oct-2009

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