My all-time favorite finnish word that's actually in use is "kolmivaihekilowattituntimittari". Incidently, about a month ago the local electric company swapped ours from a 30-year old analog one to remotely readable digital one.

For the finnish-impaired: "three-phase kilowatthour meter" is written as a single word in finnish. It's the device that counts how much electricity a household uses.

--Kim, 24-Oct-2007

I always thought it was "kolmivaihevaihtovirtakilowattituntimittari" :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Oct-2007

Damn! Even better... and still valid and actually in use. It's just that my old meter had the "shorter" version :-).

--Kim, 25-Oct-2007

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