How about asking what word is in picture with mixed colors
and rectangles when saving page? That would stop bots,

And you could improve it with some simple
wiki-context-aware puzzle, like: "what is
the name of this wiki's pissed off admin?"
or "who has stinky bare feet?"

--Anonymous Enderite, 24-Jun-2004

We all have stinky bare feet now.

--J-Ko, 24-Jun-2004

J-Ko: Whee, my mission in life has been accomplished! As my next goal in life, I shall attempt to make everyone wear their socks around their necks!

And I think a billion chinese with internet access is worse than any bots in this case :-). Besides, even that is trivially circumvented using porn sites as manual labor ;-).

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Jun-2004

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