Perkele. Hyvä merkintä. Just tämän takia luen tätä. Tulee mieleen Scott ~McCloudin omakuva "Can't stop thinking", mutta ilman ironian suojakenttää. Ei muuta. Jatkakaa.

--J-Ko, 25-Jan-2005

Thanks for this piece of art work.

Once I found an attribute of "art": Something people cannot pass unconcerned. If you take it: obviously there will be no "personal art". And: If art will be the goal, there will be no "personal something".

I fear that there is only a very small "me" in me, about not existent, the David chooser in the thick of a Goliat natur, who inherently dreads to be noticed. Better to take a deep breath and be at ease with Goliat ... until there is "my" brave moment. Nature, industry, marketing and technology won't notice till than. I call that hope.


--, 27-Jan-2005

Kiitos. Thanks.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Jan-2005

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