Ah, with me it's the other way around - I'm always Mr.

--Milla, 26-Aug-2004

E-ending seems to be more feminine in some languages.

In the Reality Dysfunction series by Peter Hamilton, there's a female mercenary whose first name is Janne. It was a bit disorienting at first...

--Pare, 26-Aug-2004

Jane and Jan are both common female names in the USA. Maybe it thought it was a spelling mistake?

--JPS, 26-Aug-2004

Janne is actually a female name in Norway and the Netherlands, at least.

Luckily mine is so rare and its suggestive gender is wholly dependent on culture that people usually go with whatever I announce myself as. Except in the UK, where they lovingly embrace the jocular, suggestive undertones of it and insist on calling me 'Tiger'.

--Taika, 26-Aug-2004

You should change the spelling to that of the creepy new age Yanni, then people might know you're a man.


Or maybe not.

--http://bluehole.org/, 26-Aug-2004

Perhaps I'll just rather be myself and reap loads of fun every time someone else gets confused :-D

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Aug-2004

No, no, let ME be you (and you can be someone else). I've always wanted to be a world famous techno-geek/Finnish Blogger. Since I was a lad, Really!! :-) I'll even wear the dress!!

--Foster, 27-Aug-2004

Err... You're scaring me now, Foster :-D

--Janne Jalkanen, 28-Aug-2004

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