Or then you yelp in panic till they accept you for a doctorate program. At least three more years of the blissfull (and bankrupt) oblivion.

--, 25-Nov-2003

I find it somewhat surprising that you would pin that down to a particular age -- especially that particular age. Then again, I never studied and thus never graduated; instead, I entered the working phase of my life at a relatively early age, so that may be a factor here as well.

(Hell, by my count, I was about forty years old when I was born, a grumpy old man well beyond my time -- all the idealism I've ever had has been long forged in the fires of pessimism into a sharp sense of disdain towards anything and anyone that fails to meet my standards.)

--Mikki, 25-Nov-2003

How else could've I've then linked to the "27 conspiracy" page? There ain't no "26 conspiracy" or "21.438" conspiracies... :-D

(And I did actually do a doctoral program as well. Didn't finish it, though :-).

--JanneJalkanen, 25-Nov-2003

Well, shit, what can I say? It's not like I bothered to click on the link. =)

--Mikki, 26-Nov-2003

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