Don't worry, I'm not gonna make this a fight over blogtastes, although my initial question might sound like it: how do you define a "bad blog"?

What I mean by that is that, if you wholeheartedly disagree with the writer, possibly even think he/she is a complete moron, but does write well, do you still consider it worth your while to keep tabs on what they're up to?

And no, I'm not referring to any personal or even semi-personal enemies' blogs here ;) Tried not to sound like it too, but seems like failed at that. Oh, well.

--Jani, 25-Nov-2004

Uskomatonta, olen tuolla listalla. Tosin kakkosblogillani. Hah!

--Mellow, 25-Nov-2004

Jani - it's a difficult question. However, I've learned that life is too short to be wasted around morons. People I disagree with, yeah, them I read. If I think they're good, they might even end up on my public list.

There's also a private list, on which I keep the people I like to keep tabs on, but I don't want to look like I'm endorsing them. Or don't want people to know I read...

There are also a bunch of blogs I follow irregularly, usually through the Top-list. These include blogs I consider somewhat... uneven, or not simply worth reading all the time, only when I have a few spare hours. I try to read through most of the Top-100 list every few weeks, just to keep tabs on what different people are saying.

It's a mouthful :)

--JanneJalkanen, 25-Nov-2004

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