Added a comment on Herkko's log. I never complained to Lehtovaara after the event you're talking of, but I definitely put the place on my black list. If the same kind of thing goes on for years, with added insult, they deserve all the publicity and its financial effects.

--//ebu, 27-Jun-2005

I'd link to the letter if there was an English version of it.

I had problems with a boat repair two years ago. I published a long litany of problems on my web site. I waited until the search engines moved me high up the list. I called the guy and we talked about getting the botched repairs fixed. He pushed back. I asked him to search on his company name, I was the entry BEFORE his. Boat was fixed three days later to my satisfaction and the new entry reads about how happy I am.

Most businesses understand good and bad reviews.

--Foster, 27-Jun-2005

Yup. Good story. That's how it should work.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Jun-2005

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