Now we should somehow get a mandatory list of DRM any product has.

Sure, you'd have to educate the masses to know what they want to buy - and that it's *not* the shiny new piece of software, if they can't use it if there's a problem.

I can understand protecting "intellectual property", I get my living out of it. What I can't understand is screwing the customers instead of people who copy the things illegally. I've decided not to buy many pieces of software just because the DRM sucks. See the recent BioShock copy protection scheme for some "real computer" software which is quite hard to use.

Anyway, I think the real problems are ignorance and laziness. I have to admit that I don't often remember to ask "what happens if something fails" when buying software. I buy mobile software very rarely, though.

--Pare, 27-Aug-2007

Out of curiosity, did you actually point out to them that if you'd simply stolen the software, you wouldn't have any of these problems? And if so, did they have a response?

--Mikki, 27-Aug-2007

No, I didn't think about it until I wrote this entry. If it still fails, I'm certainly going to mention that idea.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Aug-2007

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